HistolabUSA Affiliate Program 

Interested in being an affiliate? Already have a small following, but want to earn some commissions? The HistolabUSA Affiliate Program wants to collaborate with you. IF you haven't tried our products, we'd be happy to send you some to get you started as an affiliate. On this page, we will inform you on how our affiliate program works in a couple simple steps.

Step 1

Click the link to our Sign up page (or go to our website footer and click the Histolab Affiliate Program button): 


The page should look similar to this. Be sure to read the information on the left side of the application. If you have any questions regarding the application, you can contact us through our instagram (@histolabusa) or message us through our website (www.histolabusa.com).

OsiAffiliate Sign up Page.png

(Click on the image above to get directed to the application)

Step 2

OsiAffiliate earned.png

Fill out the application above and we will approve it at our earliest convenience.

Once we approve the application, a personal code and link will be given to you so you can share/promote it on your social media. You will be able to keep track of how many clicks that have been made through your code/link, commissions earned, and referred sales.

Step 3

In our application, you put down your skin type. We'll send you products (catered to your skin type) so you can experience our products to make it easier for you to promote.

Step 4

Share! Share! Share!

and earn that commission~~~~

HistolabUSA Affiliate Program

Terms and Conditions