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A Water Shining System

What is Aqua Lab?

Chemical peeling + Mechanical peeling = AQUA LAB

Solution ejecting operation and the suctioning operation is performed at the same time The simplest peeling solution. A Pain-free, Scar-free treatment.

aqua lab.png

Mild Chemical peeling solution combined a good variety of AHA and BHA and effectively dissolves dead skin cells and sebum in pores

Aqua LAB uses a suction mechanism through fine suction and attachment (ventouse).


Helps to release skin blockages [Black/white head, dead skin cells] 

Lighten skin tone and keep moisturized

Break up sebaceous matter
Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines 

Helps to reduce puffiness and edema
Deep clean the skin internally
Helps to remove demodex folliculorum

aqua lab 6.png
How It Works-

Tornado vacuum method

Aqua Facial adopts Tornado vacuum attachment which effectively suctions skin impurities through 2 nozzles at the edge.

Mild AHA and BHA is released through the nozzle in the middle and dissolves dead skin cells, sebum, black/white head without irritations and allows the skin care device easier to maneuver.

aqua lab 7.png

Attachment for suction of skin impurities

A1 General Spot treatment A2 Spot Treatment

aqua lab 8.png

Attachment for nourishment 
A3 - Nourishing Solution ejection

Before & After-
aqua lab 9.png

Sebum, impurities removal in pores
(only once )

aqua lab 9.png
aqua lab 10.png

Cutis anserina Improvement      (10 times)

aqua lab 10.png
aqua lab 11.png

Sebum, impurities removal in pores
(only once )

aqua lab 11.png
Video Resource-
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