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DEESSE Premium LED Facial Mask
Multi-tasking LED Facial Mask with 3 Different Wavelength


MODE 1 RED (630nm)

- Increases skin firmness with collagen and elastin regeneration
- Brightens up overall skin tone, making it radiant (whitening)
- Makes skin firm and tight
- Maintains skin healthy by promoting cell regeneration


MODE 2 BLUE (415nm)

- Relieves skin from inflammation
- Reduces signs of acne and skin troubles
- Minimizes skin shininess caused by excessive sebum secretion and thus, prevents further pore enlargement


MODE 3 PINK (415nm + 630nm + 830nm)

- Activates cell movement
- Enhances skin repair after plastic/dermatology treatments
- Relieves pain, leaving skin comfortable
- Maintains skin healthy with better cell regeneration



- Wearable type mask with LED lights for the optimal skin treatment
- User-friendly & Time and cost effective personal home care
- 3-wavelength LED sources for different functions (415nm, 630nm, 830nm – 165 light bulbs each)
- No side effects of thermal burn Safe for all skin types without any side effect

DEESSE Premium LED Facial Mask

SKU: H-150
$999.00 Regular Price
$799.00Sale Price
  • Mask, Controller, Adaptor, Hairband, Eye Guard, User Manual

  • Model: SBT-MLLT-H

    Voltage: DC24V/1A

    Maximum Power Consumption: 20W

    Origin: Korea

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