Excellent Moisture Lotion is a special moisturizer that contains a natural moisturizing factor (Ceramide), a variety of botanical extracts that prevent skin from dehydrating and keep it moisturized. 


  • Excellent and pleasant, when you touch the skin, it is a solution for non-oiled skin, without the unpleasant oily feeling. 

  • It combines the natural power of seven different plants, to help in the fight with dry and easily irritable skin. 

  • The soothing and moisturizing effect is guaranteed by the SRGF H1 complex, while effective skin protection is achieved with Ceramide.


Excellent Moisture Lotion

  • Ceramide NP [skin barrier reinforcement], Poncircus Trifoliata Fruit Extract [skin purifying], Centells Asiatica Extract [anti-inflammatory], Chamaecyparis Obtusa Oil [moisturizing/soothing] 

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