HISTOLAB's Sensitive Skin Remedy Set is comprised of products formulated with non harsh ingredients for those with easily inflamed and irritated skin. This set includes Sensitive Skin Sun Block Forever Plus, Post Care HISTO Cell Cream, and Post Care Cooling Sheet Mask. 


Sensitive Skin Sun Block Forever Plus [SPF 50+/PA+++)

Sun Block Forever Plus is a hypoallergenic essence type sun screen that protects the skin from the UV rays without irritation. Suitable for all skin type, especially for sensitive and acne-prone skin. 


Post Care HISTO Cell Cream

Post Care HISTO Cell Cream is specially formulated to help promoting rapid healing of damaged skin following laser procedures. It provides a firm defense layer to the skin against external infection and pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types, especially effective for sensitive skin following dermatologic procedures. 


Post Care Cooling Sheet Mask

Post Care Cooling Sheet Mask enhances skin regeneration and erythema care with bio substances including aloe extract and peppermint oil. These bio substances lead to skin soothing, cooling and moisturizing.

Sensitive Skin Remedy Set (Sun Block Forever Plus,Cell Cream,Cooling Sheet Mask)

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  • Sensitive Skin Sun Block Forever Plus, Post Care HISTO Cell Cream, Post Care Cooling Sheet Mask

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