Snow Flower Bloom All-in-One Skin Solution

"Pure and moist skin, like snow flakes."


Snow Flower Bloom is an all-in-one skin solution for anti-aging, elasticity and skin texture, moisturizing, and whitening. 


HA + PDRN | Can improve skin moisture and enhance skin tone

GSH | Can reduce melanin pigments and inhibit its generation

PDRN | Helps to improve wrinkles and skin elasticity, regenerate collagen and elastin



  • Improved skin tone
  • Improved skin texture
  • Pore size reduction
  • Improved redness
  • Whitening
  • Improved skin regeneration
  • Increase moisture



  • Short procedure time (Within 30 minutes)
  • Quick effect (Can feel benefits a week after the procedure)
  • Safety (Proven test)
  • Minimal effect (Little to no bruising, edema, scaring)
  • Quick return (No downtime)
  • Durability (Continue skin regeneration, whitening, and moisturizing)


Recommended for use for standard protocol: MTS, MTS + Ultrasound, Dermotoxin + Ultrasound, Needle RF, Fractional Laser, Plasma

Snow Flower Bloom

  • [Ingredients]

     Hyaluronic Acid, Salmon DNA (PDRN), Glutathione


    [Net Weight]

    1 Vial = 2.5ml

    5 Vials/Box = 12.5ml


    [Use period]

    • 3-4 Weeks interval 1 time
    • 3-4 Procedures