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Beauty Light II is an aesthetic LED therapy using PDTT (Photo Dynamic Thermo Therapy), which is the combination of PDT (Photo Dynamic Therapy) and Thermo Therapy. Each color serves different applications of treatments and the far-infrared ray helps with detoxification and cell regeneration.

LED light therapy is a safe, non-invasive, clinically proven, UV-free treatment that helps with skin problems with different wavelengths.  


Types of LED in Beautylight II:

  • Blue 

                    - Destruction of acne bacteria 

                    - Relief of skin breakouts 

  • Green

                    - Soothing

                    - Improvement of sensitive skin

  • Yellow

                    - Reduction of veins 

                    - Regeneration of collegen 

  • Red

                    - Wrinkle reduction 

                    - Promotion of skin cell regeneration 

  • FIR (Far-Infrared Ray)

                    - Detoxifying 

                    - Skin tone brightening 

Beautylight II Photo Dynamic Thermo Therapy

  • [Components]

    Beautylight II Main Body, Adapter with Power Cable, User's Manual, Eye Mask (Silicone) 2pcs


    [Product Specification] 

    Power Supply Specification: DC 24V/5A

    Origin: Korea



    One year from the date of the purchase of the product.

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