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Save with Bundles! $100 Value.


Discover the Ultimate Hydration Duo! Introducing our Water-Max Basics Bundle: Your ticket to radiant and deeply hydrated skin. This specially curated bundle combines the best basics of our Water-Max collection to provide you with a comprehensive skincare routine.


Products in the bundle are described down below:

  • Water-Max Foam Cleanser (200ml): Our gel-type foam cleanser is designed to thoroughly cleanse your skin by removing makeup, dirt, and excess oil with the power of botanical cleansing properties. It's an excellent choice for all skin types, particularly those with dry skin. Learn more here:
  • Water-Max Hydrating Cream (80ml): Water Max Hydrating Cream creates a natural protective barrier, preventing moisture loss, restoring cellular resilience against external factors like UV rays, and revitalizing tired skin with abundant hydration and nutrition. It enhances the skin's moisture retention capacity with Betaine and Sodium Hyaluronate, making it suitable for all skin types, particularly dry skin, thanks to its natural extract formula and patented SRGF H1 Complex. Learn more here:


Elevate your skincare routine to new heights of hydration and vitality with our Water-Max Basics Bundle. Say goodbye to dry, tired skin and hello to a fresh, revitalized complexion. 


This bundle is suitable for all skin types, but it is specifically tailored for dry and sensitive skin types.

Water-Max Basics Bundle

$100.00 Regular Price
$92.00Sale Price
  • Water-Max Foam Cleanser: Sodium Hyaluronate [soothing/moisturizing], Citric Acid [impurities removal], Portulaca Oleracea Extract [anti-inflammatory], Iris Ensata Extract [skin brightening]

    Water-Max Hydrating Cream: Sodium Hyaluronate [soothing/moisturizing], Beeswax [soothing/immunizing], Beta Glucan [soothing/immunizing], Lecithin [moisturizing/skin renewal]

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