Age Reversal Skin Care Solution, CURESTEM Premium Cell Healer C10 + Skin Relaxer


CURESTEM, created with proprietary technology, Opti-3M SYSTEM™, containing the explosive growth energy of stem cells.


100% Lyophilized Skin Booster

100% Pure Human Cord Blood Cell Conditioned Media


The CURESTEM Cell Healer Series is a skin booster with maximized skin regeneration, wound healing, and anti-inflammatory effects containing Human Cord Blood Cell Conditioned Media, USC1994™, developed by the top stem cell experts of the best R&D cluster in Korea through comprehensive research on human cord blood conditioned media. 


CURESTEM Premium is recommended to those who have the following skin issues:

  • Saggy skin, lost elasticity

  • Stretched pores, rough texture

  • Dull skin

  • Acne scars, frequent inflammation

  • Hair loss

CURESTEM Premium Cell Healer C10 +Skin Relaxer

  • Sold in a pair containing one (1) Cell Healer C10 100% Lyophillized Powder (2ml) and one (1) Skin Relaxer Soothing Ampoule (5ml) -OR- one (1) box containing five (5) Cell Healer C10 100% Lyophilized Powder (2ml) vials and five (5) Skin Relaxer Soothing Ampoule (5ml) vials.


    CURESTEM Cell Healer C10: 100,000ppm of Human Blood Cord Conditioned Media (Lyophilized Powder 2ml/vial)


    CURESTEM Skin Relaxer: 50,000ppm of Panthenol (Soothing Ampoule 5ml/vial)


    [How To Use]

    • Blend CURESTEM Skin Relaxer with CURESTEM Cell Healer C10 thoroughly, then apply half of the mixture to the skin. Then, begin the MTS procedure.

    • Apply the remaining half of the mixture to be absorbed during and after the treatment.


    Note: This product is intended to be used for DIY or Professional skin care treatments with MTS (Micro-needle Therapy Systems).

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