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Doctor Needle 64


Easy to use, home-use intensive skin treatment tool! Perform your own microneedling treatments at home with minimized irritation and maximized regeneration using DN64, a smooth rotating microneedle roller containing 64 micro needles. Allow active ingredients to penetrate into skin deeply and directly using the DN64 microneedle roller to increase the absorption rate of the cosmetic solution.


  • Compatible with universal vials ranging from 5 to 50ml
  • .25mm needle length for personal use and treatment of the epidermis
  • Smooth rotation minimizes irritation with 64 micro needles
  • Excellent penetration of essence maximizes absorption of solution by using needles and ampoule simultaneously


DN64 Microneedle Rollers (5 Pack)

  • [Option]

    • Box set (5 units): Contains five (5) DN64 microneedling rollers


    [How to use]

    Unwrap DN64 from it's protective packaging, then attach DN64 to the top of the vial of desired treatment solution. In an even and gentle pressure, press and roll DN64 across the face, avoiding the eye and mouth area, to disperse the solution into the skin.

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