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Whiteness Lightening Serum- a breakthrough formula that effectively brightens dull skin using a combination of patented peptides and a unique blend of 7 botanical complex extracts sourced from Alpine (Gigawhite). This serum is specifically designed to address pigmentation problems and is suitable for all skin types.


Key Ingredients:

  • Patented Peptides: These powerful ingredients work synergistically to improve skin brightness and radiance.
  • Alpine Botanical Complex Extracts (Gigawhite): Derived from 7 carefully selected botanical sources, this unique blend helps even out skin tone and reduce pigmentation concerns.


Suitable for all skin types, especially those with pigmentation problems.

Whiteness Lightening Serum

SKU: 6000-88-1
  • Whiteness Lightening Serum improves dull skin with its patented peptides and 7 kinds of botanical complex extracts in Alpine(Gigawhite). Suitable for all skin types, especially with pigmentation problems.

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